Simplify Operations of Your Real Estate Portfolio

Track your progress and analyze your property’s financial performance over time. Padvest manages the bookkeeping and reporting across your entire portfolio. Whether you invest in deals on your own or whether you co-invest with partners, Padvest is the place to see your complete real estate portfolio performance.
Padvest enables you to find properties and manage your investments

All Your Real Estate Investments, In One Place

Onboard all your existing investments to understand how they have performed throughout your ownership. Padvest summarizes your real estate portfolio at a glance and shows you the details of each investment.

Spend Less Time Managing and More Time Growing Your Portfolio

Link your real estate bank accounts and let Padvest automatically classify your income and expense transactions.

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Identify Opportunities to Improve Your Returns

Compare estimated returns to actual results. Track your budgets and investments' historical performance to maximize your profits.

Collaborate With Your Team and Simplify Your Operations

Give your accounting professionals, property managers, and other service providers access to the data they need to manage your business.

How It Works

Add Your Properties

Onboard your existing investments in a few clicks or accept an invitation from your syndicate.

Connect Your Accounts

Connect your banking, mortgage, and credit accounts and teach Padvest’s automation how to classify your transactions.

Optimize Your Investments

View the performance of your portfolio overall or dive into the details of a specific property. Padvest alerts you of opportunities to optimize your investments’ performance.

Add Your Partners

Bring your team together to help you operate your business. Grant them access to different parts of your portfolio with granular access controls.