Padvest Announces the Launch of its Real Estate Evaluation Platform

Seattle, WA (Feb. 12, 2020) -- Padvest today announces the launch of its online platform for investors to easily and quickly evaluate real estate properties in the United States. With Padvest, new and seasoned investors can confidently decide on their next investment property in minutes.

Padvest removes the complexity in residential real estate by automatically analyzing market trends and financials for properties and presenting the most important and relevant data for a purchasing decision. Padvest greatly lowers the barrier to real estate investing, empowering investors of all types to evaluate real estate assets, diversify their portfolios, and grow their wealth.

Real estate investing can be confusing not just for the average investor, but even for the trained professional. "As a real estate investor, I spent hours searching for the data points that are needed to evaluate an investment property and calculating potential outcomes," says Saad Ladki, Founder and CEO of Padvest. "And as more potential deals came through, I had to repeat the data collection and calculations manually, taking me hours of work. The process of evaluating investment properties was slow and painful, and it would be even worse for a more casual investor. I started Padvest to eliminate this complexity in evaluating residential real estate properties and to make investing in real estate easier for all investors."

To get started, the investor simply enters the address of a potential investment property and immediately receives an evaluation report. The Padvest report provides estimates and breakdowns of the property’s income and expenses as well as key financial metrics. Under the hood, Padvest aggregates data from curated online and offline sources to provide a comprehensive analysis. This helps investors focus on finding their next investments instead of hunting down data and building financial models.

"Padvest took the pain out of the financial decisions for my rental investments. I used to spend hours manually editing spreadsheets to evaluate potential investments," says Vijay S. a real estate investor. "For my last rental property, I used Padvest to review simple yet detailed analyses of all key financial metrics of the properties I was considering. I closed my decision in minutes. By just providing the address of my target properties, I was able to quickly understand which property had the potential to meet my investment goals."

Padvest provides rich customizations so investors can model various what-if scenarios and match their analyses to their investment goals. Padvest progressively learns their preferences so it can provide them with custom-tailored reports.

After a few evaluations using Padvest, investors can easily compare their investments side-by-side so they can choose the best-fit for their portfolios and investment goals.

Padvest is currently in beta and is free during this period. Visit to sign up and grow your wealth through real estate investing.

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