Co-Invest in Rental Properties Without the Hassle

Co-invest directly in real estate. Let Padvest create your business structure, quickly fund your deals, and automate your operations. Whether you’re investing in one deal or several, Padvest Syndicates are the smartest way to run a real estate investment.
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Coming in 2022
Padvest enables you to find properties and manage your investments

Bring Your Team Together

Whether you need more capital for larger investments or want to spread your risk across multiple assets, Padvest helps you co-invest with your trusted partners to unlock unique opportunities.

Don’t Fret The Setup

Save time and money by getting your legal entity and bank account setup using Padvest.

Speed Matters

Great deals move fast. Track contributions and get your deals funded in hours, not weeks.

Ready to start co-investing?

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Transparent Reporting, Built-In

Track the performance of your portfolio at a glance and let Padvest do the bookkeeping and reporting.

How It Works

Identify Your

Choose your group of friends, colleagues, and partners with whom you want to co-invest.

Form Your Entity

Create your legal structure using templated agreements and get your bank account set up in a few steps.

Find Your Deal

Use Padvest’s property reports to evaluate potential deals and quickly shortlist the best investments. Collaborate with your co-investors to make a confident decision.

Fund Your Deal with Investors

Fund your deal from your co-investors. Calculate and transfer distributions. Automate your bookkeeping.

Optimize your investments

Track the financial performance of your investment properties and your entire portfolio and generate reports for your co-investors, your accountant, and others.