Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Padvest?

Padvest is an online platform for real estate investors to find and evaluate residential properties, manage their portfolio, and co-invest with partners.

Using Padvest, you can evaluate over 140 million properties in the USA in a matter of seconds. Padvest collects data from public and paid sources to create comprehensive evaluation reports. Using its powerful data platform, Padvest makes it easy to compare and identify your winning investment.

If you have existing residential investments, Padvest tracks their performance and helps you improve your returns.
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Padvest also helps you co-invest with partners by setting up your legal structure and helping manage the associated business operations. If you’re interested in co-investing, join the waitlist to get early access.

How do I evaluate properties using Padvest?

With Padvest, you can easily evaluate and compare various real estate investments. Sign up for a free account and simply provide the address of an investment property that you would like to evaluate. Padvest then crunches data from various online sources along with your investment preferences to create a report for your investment.

Every real estate deal is different and is likely based on different assumptions. Padvest provides a simple yet highly customizable experience to allow you to match the evaluations to your scenarios. As Padvest learns your assumptions and preferences, it will automatically improve its evaluations.

With Padvest, you can compare various investment options to narrow on your ideal opportunity. You can also share your evaluation with others, such as your partners, agents, or lenders, to gather feedback and to accelerate the buying process.

How can I get started using Padvest?

To join Padvest, you can simply register for an account. You will then receive a welcome email with information on how to complete your registration. This will grant you immediate access to evaluate properties using Padvest.

If you are interested in managing your existing portfolio or in co-investing in syndicates, join the waitlist.

How much does Padvest cost?

Evaluating properties with Padvest is available free of charge. Pricing for managing properties and co-inesting in syndicates will be published in the future.

What type of properties can be evaluated?

Currently, Padvest evaluates residential properties such as single-family homes, multi-family homes with up to 4 units, townhomes, and condominiums.

Does Padvest support commercial properties?

No, Padvest does not currently support evaluating commercial properties.

Where can I use Padvest?

At this time, Padvest supports more than 140 million properties in the United States of America across the 50 states.

What data sources does Padvest rely on?

Padvest collects data from various sources to inform the evaluation of your real estate investments. The data is collected from reputable sources such as public county records and tax assessments, Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and others. Padvest aggregates and analyzes this data to provide you with better assumptions and data points. You can customize all of the assumptions and data that Padvest provides.

Does Padvest list properties from the MLS?

Padvest does not currently get listing data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In fact, Padvest does not distinguish between a property that’s on the market or off market. This allows you to evaluate the broadest set of investments.

How do I report issues to Padvest?

You can email support and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Which financial metric is best to evaluate properties?

Padvest understands that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to evaluating real estate investments. Every investor has a different set of goals and criteria to evaluate each deal. Padvest offers a comprehensive set of metrics to help with the evaluation. Check out this article to get more details about the top real estate investment metrics.

How does Padvest use my data?

For details about how Padvest collects and uses data, see the Padvest Privacy Policy.